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Alexa logo Alexa Skills

We can build out the VUI for your Alexa skill. Users expect the same capabilities from an Alexa skill that they get in your app and website, so designing that experience is important.

Micro processor Microcontroller Programming

Your device connects to the cloud through a microprocessor. The best user experience is one where the user can get their device online quickly without too many steps. We have experience programming microcontrollers on platforms such as the Arduino and Alexa Connect Kit and know what makes the best user experience.

Picture of a cloud, representing cloud computing Cloud Coordination

Whether you are using AWS, Azure, or another provider, we can help. Once connected you might want to save diagnostics to a database or link your device to be controlled by an app, or a voice-assistant. Our cloud experience can help you do this more efficiently.

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What is the Internet of Things?

Connected devices all linked by the cloud

You might have heard of IoT or Internet of Things but are not quite sure what that means. You probably have experienced it however. If you have a smart thermostat that can be controlled from your phone. If you own a voice assistant such as the Alexa or Google Home. If you have a health monitor such as a Fitbit.

All of these things and more make up what we call IoT. Simply, any device that's not a traditional computer that connects to the internet call be considered part of IoT.

So it's likely if you work in an industry that manufactures just about anything, you have the potential to utilize IoT! How a connected device works is this:

  1. The user powers on the device, such as a smart lightbulb.
  2. Using a mobile app they find the device and pair with it using bluetooth.
  3. The companion app shares Wifi credentials with the device, allowing it to connect directly to the internet without the need of the app any longer.
  4. The device sends a message to the cloud, giving the cloud the ability to control it.
  5. The user initiates events, such as in the case of the smart lightbulb to turn off, using one of many connected devices (mobile phone apps, an Alexa voice assistant, etc). The cloud routes these messages back to the device.
  6. The microcontroller receives the message and turns off the device.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg for what is possible with IoT. Not all of these things need to be built by you. We can help you navigate the wide field and find the best solution to fit your product and budget.

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