About Us

We specialize in full-stack IoT development consulting.

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is underway. More and more the devices we use on a daily basis can talk to each other. Consumers are coming to expect it. At Phillipsoft we help companies transition into the IoT world. We offer full-stack IoT development; from microcontroller programming, to integration with Alexa, to developing the cloud services that tie them all together, we can help you build it.

The Team

A photograph of Matthew Phillips

Matthew Phillips

Founder / CEO

Matthew is a software architect with more than a decade of experience with a specialty in user interfaces. He has consulted for startups and large enterprises such as Apple and Walmart. Matthew has given talks on topics such as performance and web components at conferences such as Node.js Interactive.

Serving companies around the world.

Phillipsoft is a remote company and we have worked with clients throughout the world. We're available to travel to your offices to learn about what you're building in the IoT space. Our aim is to help bring your products into the connected world.

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