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We have Alexa skills

With experience building Alexa apps, we can help you craft better user experiences, and bring in more customers.

Full-stack IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) describes connected devices, from light bulbs to smart phones to appliances and voice assistants, all able to communicate with each other through cloud computing. The cloud acts as the brains of a connected home and is able to control IoT devices.

Diagram showing how devices in IoT are linked together by connecting to the cloud.

Building out an IoT experience has several layers, and we can help you build any that you need (or all of them!). These include:

Not all of these parts are required to get your device connected. The easiest path to dipping your toys into IoT on the Alexa platform is with the Alexa Connect Kit (ACK). Contact us and we'll help you figure out the best solution for your product.

Reach More Customers

Alexa and other voice assistants provide a way to connect with your customers that is unlike another other platform you build for. Take advantage of it. We want to help.

Why Build for Alexa?

Our Advantage

We Know AWS

We have experience using the entire AWS stack, from EC2 to Lambda to DynamoDB. Whatever the demands of the project, we can craft an application that fits.


IoT is Our Thing

We provide guidance on crafting the best user experience for voice-controlled devices. We know the medium well and understand its strengths and limitations. Users want an app that will do what they tell it to, quickly, and this is what we build.

Our Work is Custom

We don't use templates or app builder tools. We are developers with years of experience writing JavaScript applications and will build a custom app for you, from the ground up.

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